1. Thou shall ENCOURAGE thy students to dream deliciously, to season their papers with the flavor of originality, and to have confidence on any muse, melody or standardized writing test they dive into.

  2. Thou shall INSPIRE thy students to ride the wings of their unwritten ideas and fragile feelings to the core of their creativity, then fly or tunnel back boldly to the blank page for a finger festival.

  3. Thou shall EMPOWER thy students to pour pain and pleasure, ideas and imagination, deep thoughts, and brief blips through their brain upon awaiting blue lines and buttons on high tech touch screens on hand held, electronic devices they view as water & oxygen. 

  4. Thou shall COMPEL thy willing, as well as thy withdrawn young writers to unite the words and worlds within them into readable expressions of fantasy, fun and frustration by forcing their fingers to help them figure out life and other things that might matter to them.

  5. Thou shall CREATE a level-playing field in thy classroom, assuring thou that all of thy students are engaged in, at least, ONE of the stages of the writing process because speed is overrated.

  6. Thou shall TRANSFORM giddiness and grimaces into enthusiastic, complete sentences and ORGANIZE reckless adrenaline into systematically sublime, structured paragraphs.

  7. Thou shall MOTIVATE thy youthful writers to make the power and passion of their individual opinions seek the heart of every topic and make their main points pulsate between the lines and beat beyond the margin of others’ low expectations for generation 2018 learners & lovers of things digital.

  8. Thou shall TRUST thy pencil, pen, keyboard or keypad to lick the bowl of thy brain clean, conveying what thou really means and what thou really wants to say about thy daily experiences and society at large, as well as wild curiosities or specific questions related to the known universe…and what whispers lie beyond the walls of forever.

  9. Thou shall PROVIDE wandering words a permanent home, a warm embrace and a safe landing on some soft, clean, non-judgmental paper.

  10. Thou shall LET IT FLOW…and FIX IT LATER!