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"When we nurture the seeds of brilliance buried within the brave pens of young writers waiting to blossom & evolve, the wisdom of their written words can inspire our entire planet to peacefully revolve around pathways of compassion - where selfish problems of the grown & the greedy get suddenly resolved for the sake of the needy and those who feel all alone, as well as for the sake of those with bold & beautiful dreams who make mistakes and bleed red blood like our own"

 - Erik Cork


Erik Cork is the fire breathing embodiment of a non-traditional teaching approach that says, “If students are not learning the way we teach, then we should teach the way they learn.” His extraordinary energy level shows no signs of dissipating after 30 years of traveling as a professional educational consultant.  Erik Cork is a longtime literacy ambassador sent from the universe to serve as an instructional bridge for both brilliant and bored young scholars begging for better ways to be taught that keeps them engaged and interested.  He is fluent in the language that children and teenagers hear the best and respond to the most that leads to positive attitudes and improved academic outcomes.  When Erik turns on the microphone to speak, students and educators sit on the edge of their seats for hours waiting for whatever original and innovative learning strategy or unique writing technique he will exuberantly demonstrate next.


Erik Cork closes the achievement gap between what real-world business leaders require (before they hire) and the wide gulf where today’s short-attention-span generation struggles daily due to huge holes & colossal cracks within their shaky & suspect writing foundation.  Erik Cork is a full-time writer who enthusiastically teaches thousands about his craft in a digital age where young people prefer emojis and the fewest letters possible when they communicate.  He passionately reminds them that spelling is still a thing.  He convinces them that capitalization is cool and that correct punctuation is still preferred. Erik Cork loudly proclaims in school assemblies that synonyms still exist and complete sentences are not yet extinct…contrary to popular belief.  As effective educators, our work is cut out for us.  This is why Erik Cork is called “The Hardest Working Man In Education’ in schools from coast-to-coast.